Main Drive Behind “Advocacy Marketing” and ssnapp Marketing Platform.


Main Drive Behind “Advocacy Marketing” and ssnapp Marketing Platform.

Digital influence is a complex and misused concept in our world today. At its core, influence is a force created by one person or entity that causes a reaction in or by another. It has become increasingly important to any social media strategy to find influencers through analysis and influencer mapping.

Social Marketing.

As Social Media Today recently reported, “Harnessing real ‘consumer influencers’ to spread the word about your product or service is an important tactic to cut through the clutter and drive purchase.”

With 92% of marketers now indicating that social media is important to their business, it’s more important than ever that marketers achieve the social marketing ROI they expect. Observes ssnapp CEO Moses Kusasira, “It’s critical that marketers deploy an organic ecosystem that leverages brand affinity to boost ROI.”

Gartner believes that 2014 will be the year of advocacy marketing. And with marketers seeking additional value from their social marketing efforts, advocacy platforms like ssnapp offer brands a more complete engagement solution. “Brands concretely benefit from the ssnapp marketing platform with improved engagement and increased ROI,” adds Kusasira.

Offering conversions as high as quadruple the industry standard, the company’s client portfolio has grown to include OfficeMax, Pepsi and channel partners such as HP, plus a growing number of elite media groups.

Social Media Gateway.

Social Media Gateways is a social marketing innovator. The Palo Alto-based company, with offices in Las Vegas and New York, specializes in cloud-based, social commerce solutions for hospitality, retail, sports and entertainment enterprises. Social Media Gateways has worked with such brands as Pepsi Bottling Ventures and Skechers, among others. Social Media Gateways is backed by private angel financing and is considered a top company to watch in 2014.

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