Major DDoS Attack Hits Elance, Preventing Users From Logging in.


Major DDoS Attack Hits Elance, Preventing Users From Logging in.

Elance a freelancing platform has been under constant attack by a distributed denial-of-service(DDoS) for an entire day so far, which has caused the service to be unavailable for their users. This attack has so far not compromised any of their data surprisingly. Their rival company oDesk, which is expected to be merged with soon, are also under a separate DDoS attack.


This attack seems to been done by whats being called a NTP reflection attack, which Eleance had tweeted about on their account. This attack occurs with the use of botnets and badly configured NTP servers, which is a time check for computers clock, and amplifies a small amount of data into a larger one that overpowers the targeted systems.

Elance is based in Mountain View California, with over 4 million user, and will reportedly double with  it upcoming merger with their competitors oDesk. it hasn’t been made clear on how this recent outage will affect the company , but a spokeswoman had talked with the Gigoam and told them only “some users have not been impacted.


Mountain View, Calif.-based Elance has over 4 million users (it will roughly double that through its upcoming merger with chief rival oDesk). It’s not clear how many have been affected by the outage, as a company spokeswoman told me only that “some users have not been impacted.”

A oDesk Spokeswoman continued to tell them that oDesk “experienced a separate short DDoS attack on for a few hours last night. The site is up and has been since about 5am PT.”

Apparently the attack had begun sometime during 6am PT on a Monday and has continued to commence, although in a sporadic manner. Apparently Elance did have defenses against attack like DDoS on its services, and has “since invested in new technology to try to thwart the attackers.”

She continued to add:

“We have a unique community of both businesses and freelancers and we’ve reached out to inform them about the attack and let them know that none of their data was compromised but to expect delays. Both sides of our community have been very responsive and sympathetic.”


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