MakeSpace Makes Storing Items Easier.


MakeSpace Makes Storing Items Easier.

Need to make room in your cramped up apartment or living area? Maybe you have too much junk in the garage that needs to be moved so you can finally park your car in? Well why not give this little bad boy a try. Startup Makespace has manage a way to allow user to put there closets in a cloud of sorts.

Sam Rosen, the creator of MakeSpace, came up with the idea one day for starting the company after help his then at time girlfriend pack here valuables from her apartment during the Superstorm Sandy fiasco. After the storage unit was filled, the couple had way too much trouble finding the where they had placed any of the necessary items they needed.

Sam Rosen had started to think and thought to himself, “What if my physical valuables could be stored on the internet like my virtual goods?”

With that thought in mind came the creation of MakeSpace, Your storage unit in a cloud. The program works of on the idea of cloud computing where owners can access their information remotely, MakeSpace enables customers to access all of their belongings at anytime and place they wish to. The application used with this shows an inventory on either smart phones or computer hardware.

Makespace started up in New York City and launched with an 1.3 million in funding from Upfront Ventures, Lowercase Capital, High Peaks Venture Partners, and Collaborative Fund. The company raised an additional $200,000 through Angel List as well.

If you ever need a way to keep all your items that are either to hard to part with or just way to necessarily to through away, then why not give MakeSpace a try. Definitely a great usage for those that are on the move too much and need space for various equipment required in their line of work.


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