Making Friends Within 15 Seconds With Social Networking App Paktor.


Making Friends Within 15 Seconds With Social Networking App Paktor.

It can be quite difficult for most people to make new friends or expanding their current circle of friends. Thanks to this recent surge of the digital age, things like social media have made the world a much smaller place by connecting people and making it somewhat easier to make friends.
A recent up coming social networking platform named Paktor had been developed for just this reason, Launched in the middle of Jun of 2013, Paktor creations of Joseph Phua and co-founders Charlene Koh and Christopher D’Cruz.
Paktor is a simple to use application that allows individuals with similar interest to interact with one another, Paktor was created with in mind of usability, locality, and anonymity.

15 seconds.

The app is really easy to use, with only a some clicks and a 15 second process for new users to instantly browse for some new friends. Furthermore, those who are wary about logging in with their Facebook account can rest assured that Paktor will not provide any post or information on the Facebook wall, or require the user to change anything on the account.
One of its more important features of Paktor is that it places a very high value on premium anonymity. Security and privacy concerns are very serious matters, so Paktor has added a function that allow people to meet once they have “liked’ one another. Gesturing a quick swipe right across the persons profile will notify them of knowing that the user has liked them, but this is only half the process, the other user has to like them person back before a match can be made. Additionally, a user won’t know if they’re liked until they themselves have liked someone.


This is one of the key security toward Paktor’s privacy feature and its what will allow user to search friends freely, with no worries of getting harassed by messages from just about anyone. Once the two members have anonymously liked each other, a chat room will instantly pop up, connecting them and allowing for a free and relaxed interaction. This anonymity functions provides a level of security that makes Paktor a highly unique experience.
Technology continues to be part of peoples everyone’s daily life for million of people. Heck you might even be near some sort of mobile device at the moment as well right in hands reach as well. Device like theses allow us to connect to everyone we know, and it can possibly even connect us to those we don’t know at all. Paktor makes this connection simple and clean with just a “swipe, match, and chat.”

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