How Many App Store Downloads Do You Need To Reach Top 25?


How Many App Store Downloads Do You Need To Reach Top 25?

It is every mobile app startup’s dream to see their app on the top charts of the app store. The app store is growing more and more everyday and it requires a lot more traction than before to get your app to the top of the app store. Did you know that there are more than 1 million apps in the app store now? Don’t worry, you won’t need a million downloads since most of the apps in the app store are apps without any traction or goals.

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The amount of download you need for your mobile app depends on the category that you choose to place your app in. For example, for the last two years games has been the most popular category with the most required downloads. Food and drink on the other hand requires the most minimum amount of downloads.

The entertainment category comes in second in popularity after games. Third is social networking apps, followed by lifestyle & music. I recall reading a blog post by Chad talking about how you could gain a lot more traction in the app store if you change categories to something less popular.

To reach the top 25 for gaming you will need approx 49,270 daily downloads. How the heck….? Yes I know, I was thinking exactly the same when I saw the stats. Usually apps that make it to the top can hold it’s ground for a little longer due to the fact that people usually download top apps more frequently. You can also take use of sub categories to narrow down your app some more for better discovery. For example if your game is an arcade game, you would only need 17,500 daily downloads to reach the top arcade game section. That’s just the sub category though, not the main gaming category.

Paid apps will usually require less downloads to reach the top 25 on the app store, but the amount of people actually paying for apps are falling in numbers due to the good free apps that are available for us to download.

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What Can I Do?

So what can I do if I can never reach the top of the app store? As a startup, you should not need to worry about downloads as much as loyal customer. Like they always say, “It’s better to have 100 loyal readers than 1500 random ones.” Same apply for quality apps. Most of the top apps on the app store are downloaded by random people who might delete right after. Some of them are kids that just want new apps. We’ve heard Apple talk about increasing permissions to avoid kids from downloading apps.

You’re app doesn’t need to be the most popular for your startup to run well. It does have to target the correct audience though. We’ve seen a lot of successful apps that never made it to the top 25. Heck, most of them probably aren’t even on the top 100, yet they still generate a ton of revenue and go through more funding rounds.

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Best App Model

The best way to generate revenue for your app is by implementing a freemium app model where you put up the game for free so that people can download, and you add on in game purchases to generate your revenue. This is the best way to gain traction for your app and it’s also an excellent way to see if users like your product before launching a paid version.

If you believe that you have a killer app, then you should consider using a freemium model to boost brand exposure for your free app. Afterwards if people enjoy it, they should be going for your paid one. Pat Flyn and a few other internet entrepreneurs noted that their free apps generated more revenue than the paid ones and rank higher in the app store as well.

You could also consider publishing your app in another country’s app store. Other countries have lower minimums, but of course at the same time you would not be getting as much exposure as you would in the US app store.

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