The Micro-Consulting Marketplace Known As AirPair.


The Micro-Consulting Marketplace Known As AirPair.

A very important development project will be launching in the coming month and your team needs some help. Maybe it some mind boggling problem related towards the programming language being used like Ruby. Or even an optimization issue with the AngularJS $animate service. So what options are their available for you to fix this conundrum?

One can search the information in Google in hopes on finding a posting with a similar problem while browsing. If that doesn’t work, you can always trying asking an actual person by using either StackOverflow, Github, or a forum.


Another interesting options is this up coming startup company by the name of AirPair. This company allows individuals and companies access to on site experts of software development on an hourly basis through live video chat and screen sharing. Experts will provide any assistance through the use of a variety of techniques, these include programming, reviewing the code over, and collaborating over a problem to solve.

“It’s like Uber the taxi/car service, but for knowledge,” explains Jonathon Kresner, AirPair’s founder and CEO. “Customers come to us because we have the best experts. They can assume quality and get help fast.”

How it Works.

With its increasing growth of demands, Kresner went on to say that the company’s revenues has managed to increase at a 40 percent month over month clip, allowing partnership with top engineers to be created. AirPair had recently launched a new service dubbed AirPair{}Me. Like the company’s main philosophy of offerings, it gives users and companies the capability to tap into the expertise of experienced software professionals on  a daily basis.

Although, Unlike the AirPair main offering, AirPair{}Me eliminates the need to submit a request to be matched with an expert on AirPairs roaster. Instead, the new service allows the users to book in a specific expert for a scheduled amount of time they will need at an hourly rate set by the expert.

AirPair{}Me has been limited towards experts that have been personally picked by AirPair themselves, so admission is not quite easy. Most of these pro’s consist of contributors of well known open source projects, published author and pros on AirPair who have managed to create a well known reputation around themselves.

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