Microgrid Testing Has Reached A Height of Simplicity.


Microgrid Testing Has Reached A Height of Simplicity.

Typhoon HIL Inc., the leader in ultra-high fidelity Hardware-in-the-Loop (HIL) testing and real-time simulation for power electronics and microgrids, just released the Typhoon HIL Control Center 2014.2, the latest version of the software suite for its Hardware-in-the-Loop test and real-time simulation that makes microgrid and power electronics converter testing even easier and more streamlined. With the HIL Control Center 2014.2 software release, Typhoon HIL continues to integrate latest technologies into software and firmware to help the industry improve processes for automated Microgrid and Power Electronics testing.

Typhoon Hil.

The highlight of the new Typhoon HIL Control Center 2014.2 is the Custom User Interface Tool that enables you to:

  •     Interact with Typhoon HIL test system via Custom User Interface you built;
  •     Drag and drop gauges, meters, macro buttons to custom tailor your “microgrid flight simulator console”;
  •     Automatically create test Macro Buttons with complex test sequences.

These new capabilities are delivered throughTyphoon HIL paradigm for vertically integrated hardware and software improving the user experience and eliminating the need for expensive third party software tool chains.

“The next stage in the development of power electronics are increasingly complex multi-converter systems and microgrids that are intrinsically expensive and difficult to test. Typhoon HIL Control Center 2014.2 with HIL602 Hardware-in-the-Loop real-time simulator, provides a completely safe and easy to use environment for automated testing and verification of microgrid and power electronics control systems,” said Dr. Dusan Majstorovic, the Director of Product Development at Typhoon HIL Inc.

With the new product release, Typhoon HIL continues to support its customers with innovative products that are continuously challenging status quo in power electronics control design and testing.

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