Microsoft Accidentally Fumbles The Release Of Window 8.1


Microsoft Accidentally Fumbles The Release Of Window 8.1 

Windows 8.1 update is one of the most anticipated releases from the company itself, which has been scheduled to be sent out to the general public sometime in the early months of April. Although while it has been announced for to come out for a least another month, the update has been leaked early on to the web. Funny enough , the leak itself didn’t come from some crazy expert hackers, but from Microsoft themselves.

The Early Update.

Microsoft had managed to release to manufacturer a couple of days before this incident, the update should have smoothly be process out one carefully pointed down schedule. The first to receive it would be the “dogfooders” inside of Microsoft, followed by MSDN subscribers, and finally ending with the general public with a Windows Update.

Of course some accurate instructions have managed to pop up from a forum called MYDigitalLife, which taught anyone to be able to download the updated file directly fro Microsoft, using direct links or by tweaking the registry to make the update appear in the Windows Update area. The registry edit successfully works for one test type system, the Surface Pro running Windows 8.1 Pro. While the Windows  8.1 Enterprise edition running on the desktop version did not.

Featured Update.

The package in its entirety consist of up to six updates, the largest being the Windows 8.1 Feature Pack. A test run on the x64 system, the download showed that the size would be around 761 MB.

The date that was found on the update files matches up with recent reports that Micrsoft has finalized its release. There might still be some minor additional changes between now and April 8, when the update comes out for general release.

Asked for comment, a Microsoft spokesperson said, ““We look forward to sharing details about the update soon.”


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