Microsoft Purchases Mobile App Management Platform Capptain.


Microsoft Purchases Mobile App Management Platform Capptain.

Microsoft has manage to recently purchase a French mobile-analytics vendor Capptain for undisclosed amount.

This deal was originally reported by TechCrunch, who was announced by the two companies on May 28th, 2014. A note that can be found on the site, is acknowledging the fact that the company had been purchased by Microsoft.


Capptain provides a targeted push notification based upon the users behavior or analytics during real-time, according to information provided by the company’s Website.

Capptain was initially founded during 2008 under the name of Ubikod, according to information found on the company’s Website. The company has since then developed a software-as-a-service platform that focuses upon mobile operators, handset makers and developers. Its services provides analytical tools and marketing services on Android, Blackberry, HTML5, iOS, WebOS, Windows Phone 8, Windows 8, and Smart Tv’s, among other platforms.


Mircorsoft CEO Satya Nadelle has been a very well known advocate of Microsoft providing software for all mobile platforms, and not only just Windows.

Microsoft has set plans into motion of integrating Capptain’s technology with Azore, according to a post done on May 28th, found on the Azure blog. From the post:

“Capptain will bring a vital new element to our end-to-end story for mobile app development — real-time user and push analytics. With Capptain’s solution, organizations can analyze customer and employee behavior in real-time, and respond by pushing targeted messages, announcements, information or offers….

“We are hard at work integrating Capptain’s solution with the wider Microsoft Azure suite of services so that enterprises can not only build mobile apps to engage customers and employees, but also analyze and optimize that engagement. In the interim, Capptain’s existing solutions will remain available to both new and current customers.”

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