Microsoft Releases Freemium OneNote for Mac and Windows.


Microsoft Releases Freemium OneNote for Mac and Windows.

Microsoft recently had revealed three major announcements regard OneNote, Which is now offering a free version of OneNote for Mac, a free premium version of OneNote for Windows, and a new cloud API for both first and third-party apps to communicate directly with OneNote.

All Platforms.

With the launch of OneNote for Mac, Microsoft proudly says that OneNote is now available“on all the platforms you care about” and “they’re always in sync.” That includes the PC, Mac, Windows tablets, Windows Phone, iPad, iPhone, Android, and the Web.

The free version of Windows has no ads or any limitation on the duration it can be used for its not just a trail. Everything that is created on the free PC and Mac versions will be synced to OneDrive, so people can access it from their phones and tablets as well.


Premium offers.

Mircosoft commented on this recent change of price model by saying “because we want everyone to be able to use it.” This comes to show to that the company doesn’t want to lost to its competitors like Google Keep and Evernote.

Premium features will be available for paying customers. For those who have a Office 365 subscription or own Office 2013, they can now purchase SharePoint support, version history, Outlook integration, and more. If one does not have OneNote for windows or currently an older version, then you should download the latest freemium option that has all the latest feature.



The Final announcement made was Microsoft trying to attract developers into building apps that can connect to OneNote services through its new cloud API. some apps have been made available, including from the few early partners, making it possible to create these follow guidelines:

  • OneNote Clipper for saving web pages to OneNote.
  • for emailing notes to OneNote.
  • Office Lens for capturing documents and whiteboards with Windows Phone.
  • Sending blog and news articles to OneNote from Feedly, News360 and Weave.
  • Easy document scanning to OneNote with Brother, Doxie Go, Epson, and Neat.
  • Writing notes with pen and paper and sending them to OneNote with Livescribe.
  • Mobile document scanning to OneNote with Genius Scan and JotNot.
  • Having your physical notebooks scanned into OneNote with Mod Notebooks.
  • Connecting your world to OneNote with IFTTT.

If you’re a developer interested in OneNote, you’ll want to check out Not only is Microsoft making OneNote free for almost anyone to use, but it is opening up the platform to everyone.

This statement shows what the company wishes to accomplish with this maneuver:

OneNote is more than just syncing your content across all your devices. It’s now a hub for the applications and experiences you care about. By making it easy to send anything from any application to OneNote, it’s one more step towards becoming your digital memory.


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