Microsoft and Announce a Global Partnership.


Microsoft and Announce a Global Partnership.

Microsoft and have always competed against each other for the past 15 years in the highly lucrative market for giant business software. Although, as of recently, both enterprise giants have decided to put aside their past differences, for the time being anyways.

Team Up.

The two companies have recently announced an assemblage of integration, these include the capability to connect data from Salesforce software into Microsoft’s Excel and Power BI for Office 265 software. Individuals will now be able to work with Office files inside of Saleforce as well.

Salesforce will make its Salesforce1 platform available for Windows and Windows Phone 8.1 systems to allow people to run its software, Microsoft’s cloud-based Office 365 software shall integrate even more deeply within Salesforce software.

One thing that should be noted, during the announced release there had been no mention of Microsoft’s Dynamics software. which competes directly Against Salesforce’s Sales Cloud, the company’s core customer-relationship management (CRM) software for tracking leads.

About Face.

Even so, this news speaks volumes on Microsoft’s willingness to go even against its own set of traditions. Which is a huge load of Satya-Nadella willing to challenge conventional argument.

This recent move has also align with Salesforce’s previous efforts to work with legacy enterprise technology provides. During the previous year, Salesforce had announced a partnership between Oracle and Hewllet-Packard.

It currently unclear as of recently if this partnership will ease any of the previous hostilities these two giants have had each other during the past. At one point in time, Salesforce employees were not permitted to attend Microsoft’s Worldwide Partner conference during this year.

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