Microsoft Unveils Skype TX With Audio and Video Broadcasting.


Microsoft Unveils Skype TX With Audio and Video Broadcasting.

Microsoft has recently unveiled its Skype TX, a new version of the voice and video calling platform that been designed with a studio-grade audio and video in thought of broadcasters. With a release set for later in the year, as a combination of hardware and software, Skype TX better integrates with currently existing broadcasting equipment and software for more professional-looking and simple way to set up radio shows, podcasts, and video interviews.

Easy Broadcasting.

Skype has already gains popularity among broadcasters of both audio and video formats, due to its simplicity and the fact that it’s services are available for free. Although, in order to actually integrating it with broadcast systems, neccessary use of third-party software or some type of of kitbashing was required to make it work.

At the moment, Skype TX, plans to address all of these through the use of mixing Skype software and studio-ready hardware box. The latter will output calls audio and video in full framed HD-SDI formats with either embedded or balanced audio. Meanwhile, HD-SDI video will be able inputted for transmission back to the caller along with a balanced audio.


Microsoft will be committing toward no notifications, pop-ups, adverts, or any other potential intrusive program, furthermore to automatically handling aspect ratios, with operator overrides. For the time being, there’ll be a support team for helping deal with any problems. The package has been created in parts on technology Skype has managed to acquire when it purchased Cat and Mouse, though Microsoft has as of yet to comment on how much this will cost in total.

Benefits of using Skype TX:

  • Skype TX hardware and software is easy to set up, with experts on hand should you need advice or assistance.
  • The hardware has been designed for use in a studio environment, with call output in full frame HD-SDI formats with embedded or balanced audio.
  • HD-SDI video can also be sent back to the caller along with balanced audio.
  • Video and audio are free from all notifications, signals, adverts or pop-ups.
  • Skype TX takes care of aspect ratio mismatches automatically and the software operator has full control over screen aspect ratios using Skype TX software.

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