Mimoto Tech Introduces Their New Smart Pen.


Mimoto Tech Introduces Their New Smart Pen.

Mimoto Tech has had it’s team of engineers and designers hard at work for the past year and a half in developing another innovative product that can change the current market with its mass production appeal. Andre Icanchuk From Such Chaos, Dr. Anthony Deese, Ph.D in electrical and computer engineering, have been two individuals who have been helping the immense creative product come to life, along side with there amazing team of engineers from ADORIASOFT.

The prototypes for this product have been already developed and have been put through serious amounts of stress testing procedures before being allowed to be mass produced.

“We are very excited to bring Mimoto Pen to the public. It’s a great product with a lot of potential to revolutionize the way we look at note taking,” stated founder Roman Gudzyuk. “Nobody really thinks about how or when they take notes, it’s a habitual process and we just do it because we have to. But it’s definitely a big part of our lives and can be very time consuming. That’s why we decided to reinvent the wheel a little and created a fun new way of taking and managing notes.”

This product has been created in to be used as a smart pen of sorts that will automatically transfer any sort of writing done on a piece of paper to appear on either your iPhone, iPad, BlackBerry,Android Device, Mac, Or PC, with no delays and appear just as you wrote it. The pens appearance is similar to that of an ordinary ballpoint pen. but uses a high powered ultrasound and infrared sensors, in a similar manner that console video games with motion detection can with a players movement.

The pen also has another interesting feature that allows its user switch the receiver and attaching it to a desktop or laptop can transform it into a touch screen display and can be used as your personal stylus.

If this particular product has caught your notice, then you can supported with from its Kickstarter launch for preoders start one on February 22. For updates on the Mimotopen please follow the provided link. www.mimototech.com



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