Mobile Game Publisher Teebik Release New RPG Game in August.


Mobile Game Publisher Teebik Release New RPG Game in August.

Massive multi-player online role-playing games are hugely popular on mobile platforms, and game publisher Teebik Games has launched its exciting hack-and-slash 3D MMO “Burning Blade” to Google Play on August 5. This launch of the English version was on Android in Europe and North America, and the iOS version will follow at a later date.

Burning Blade.

“Burning Blade” is a highly intense combat game similar to that of “Diablo” and “Dragon’s Nest” where players choose among the characters of Assassin, Berserker, Magic Archer, or Warlock in order to fight evil forces. The game features 3D interactive environments, detailed characters, and striking special effects.

“We had a deep collaboration with 4399, and got the exclusive operation right of Burning Blade in EU and North American countries,” said Jessie Chen, vice president of Teebik Games. “We are excited to announce the launch of the English version of “Burning Blade” in August.”


The storyline of the game is inspired by Greek mythology with gods of the underworld battling gods of the heavens. In order to save humanity, players must utilize combat skills to battle titans, devils, and monsters. In addition to completing quests, players can battle one another in 3V3 PVP arenas.

Players advance sequentially through battles to earn rewards and advance through the game, and they will unlock new skills and items to add to their inventory as they complete individual quests. When “Burning Blade” is released, Teebik will announce several in-game events to enhance gameplay, such as free wings, increased stamina, and a free bag of diamonds.

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