Mobile Statup Walking Thumbs Launches Its Puzzle Game Squareland.


Mobile Statup Walking Thumbs Launches Its Puzzle Game Squareland.

Walking Thumbs is launching a fantastical and innovative experiences to smartphones and tablets. The company is releasing a series of amazing puzzle games and a ground breaking messaging service over the coming six months, beginning with its newly released puzzle game, Squareland, now available in the Apple app store.


Squareland features a cute and fun owl named Blu who is searching for his lost woodland pals with the help of his guide, Pixie. The game consists of 4 uniquely themed environments carrying the player through the four seasons: spring, summer, fall, and winter. The game adds new interactions and levels of complexity as the player advances through a total of 80 different levels. Blu tumbles and bounces past dangerous spikes to break blocks to the tune of retro eight-bit beats encountering exciting new cubic creatures along the way that help him on his journey.

Created by a group of highly talented designers, animators, and developers, Squareland features entertaining physics-based puzzles that provide original block-breaking gameplay.

“We strive to create innovative character driven experiences,” said Walking Thumbs CEO John Feghali.“Squareland has been crafted to be a magically entertaining puzzler game.”

Squareland is available on iPhone and iPad and comes in three flavors. Squareland Lite is a free application that includes one season with 20 levels. The full version of Squareland includes all four seasons with 20 levels each for a total of 80 levels available in standard def for $0.99 or HD for $1.99.


A mobile entertainment startup company, Walking Thumbs strives to bring magical and innovative experiences to mobile phones and tablets. Walking Thumbs is currently finishing development on two more apps – Blabcake, a ground breaking messaging application that will make texting more fun, expressive, and interactive, and its second puzzle gaming title Berry Rescue.

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