Mod Notebooks Sync Your Artistic Sketches Onto Cloud.


Mod Notebooks Sync Your Artistic Sketches Onto Cloud.

Drawing, sketching, or doodling can be a simple joy more many to do on ones paper notebook, whether its professionally or just to pass the time, but most often people tend to just stick there notebooks away to never be seen again. This new little tech that recently made its entrance wants to change all of that, Mod Notebook wants to setup a way to digitize the designs done on those binded up dead trees.

Price and Quality.

For a total amount of $25, Mod will send out either a blank, ruled, or dot-gridded notebook in a which ever color choice the buyer wishes for. The threads bound together so it opens up flatly on every pages, and its the same size of an iPad Mini.

Once the entire notebook has been filled up with various markings. the user drops it off in a prepaid envelop and ships it off to Mod. There, they will scan and digitize every pages as a 600 DPI paige that can be viewed from Mod’s web application or export as PDF to either Evernote, Dropbox, or OneNote. and either recycle or return the users book.

Harnessing Cloud.

This wouldn’t bee the first time a company has tried to create a way for the gap between could’s accessibility and paper’s unplugged charm. Evernote had teamed up with Moleskine to create a smartphone camera application to scan pages of specially-designed notebook. One of the highly beneficial uses for Mod, is the way it generate higher quality scans than whats capable one mobile phones in one hand and a notebook on the other. That and its far more simpler to use.

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