ModLabs, A SugarCRM Module Development Company.


ModLabs, A SugarCRM Module Development Company.

ModLabs, a SugarCRM module development company, and it’s online home, have launched. With its sole focus being the development of modules, ModLabs is innovating the world of CRM by introducing a catalog of branded modules into the expanding CRM marketplace.

“At ModLabs, our sole focus is creating modules that enhance and strengthen the experience of SugarCRM users. We are excited to provide an unparalleled level of dedication to this venture,” said Ryan Schultze, the Head of Lead Generation and Sales at ModLabs.


ModLabs has created dozens of SugarCRM modules that have benefited businesses across the globe. The modules developed by ModLabs are designed to enhance SugarCRM across the spectrum of business operations, and provide practical solutions for departments ranging from sales and marketing, to project management and operations. The goal of ModLabs is to inject more cost-effective solutions into the CRM marketplace. With the introduction of its module inventory, ModLabs will provide businesses with the opportunity to enhance SugarCRM and increase its functionality without having to rely heavily on the support of more expensive third party CRM development companies. The team at ModLabs believes that in many cases, businesses are better served by using off-the-shelf modules that are well written, tested, and cost-effective, instead of employing traditional CRM development.


Along with hosting the ModLabs module catalog, will feature informative content about SugarCRM, including original material like videos, product documentation, and blog posts, aimed at showing SugarCRM users the most effective ways to maximize the functionality of their system. With more than 1 million users worldwide, SugarCRM is widely recognized as one of the most innovative and affordable CRM systems today. For businesses that employ SugarCRM, ModLabs will continue to develop products that unleash the full capability of SugarCRM.

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