Mogee Musical Tapping Device For Fantastic Melodies.


Mogee Musical Tapping Device For Fantastic Melodies.

Table tappers rejoice, a recent gadget has appeared that creates music from the vibration produced by any kind of tapping involved on physical objects, definitely worth something fun for those who need to pass the time while tapping their fingers on a table.

How it Works.

Mogee works by utilizing a small special sensor that contained with the device called “piezo-transducer’, allowing it to convert any vibration produced by tapping on physical objects to be turned into a signal. This signal is then sent toward the mobile platforming device running the application created by Mogees and turning the signal into music. The application is currently available for both the iOS and Android devices.

The user can select all sorts of option that will create a particular sound once the vibrations have been converted. They can be switched to a safe mode that allows the user to change scales and keys while improvising pieces of music and. Another added feature would be the song mode that can be used to tap along with one’s favorite songs.

Creator and Campaign.

The creator behind Mogees, Bruno Zamborlin is a Bristish musician created this device to try and provide a fun experience with music, and to create another tool for musical education.

“About two years ago, my colleagues and I had this idea about transforming everyday objects around us into unique musical instruments,” Zamborlin says in his Kickstarter introductory video.

Currently there is a Kickstarter campaign going on for the Mogee and those willing to pledge $97 or more can be beta testers, receiving the Mogees earlier than everyone else.



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