MokBee Maps Is Available Now for Android.


MokBee Maps Is Available Now for Android.

Google Maps has always been the top gun for mapping applications when it comes to mobile devices, however, it has never given its users the ability to fully personalise their mapping experience. TerraPages saw this as an opportunity to branch into the market of mobile mapping apps that not only personalised and delivered a smooth mapping experience, but also provided a detailed database of local and international points of interest (POI) which ultimately resulted in the creation of MokBee Maps.

“I wanted to create a mobile app that could give the general community more options and freedom than Google Maps could when it came to finding locations or points of interest (POI),” states TerraPages CEO Terry Collins. “The ability to choose which mapping provider you want to use or to get the exact coordinates of your location is not something that just anyone can provide.”


Having originally been released in 2008, TerraPages has been working tirelessly on the 2014 update that has recently landed in the Google Play Store. Listening to user feedback has led to the addition of new features that are sure to heighten the senses and make the mobile mapping experience a smoother journey.

The new and improved database now has access to over 500,000 POI worldwide and adding, updating and reviewing places has never been easier. “We wanted to make MokBee Maps as user friendly as possible with the ability to add a new POI or to update existing information that may be incorrect. For the end user, it allows them to feel like they are contributing to a community,” commented CEO Terry Collins.

For people who are looking for alternatives MokBee Maps can deliver an experience that not only gets users from one place to another, but allows them the ability to make informed decisions based on the reviews of fellow users. Discovering has never been this easy.

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