Introduces Movie Discovery Features.

1 Introduces Movie Discovery Features.

Spending hours to find what to watch maybe history with from now on. The concept is simple: Instead of staying for hours finding something good, movie addicts can process a deeper research by using the Movienr filters and features. The comfort zone of Movienr serves its users diverse possibilities to discover new movies to watch.

Movie Discovery.

Any movie addict can use Movienr’s Movie Discoveryfeatures without signing up. However, a user with a free registered account can use all features of Movienr. Movienr gives its users the ability to search for movies by genre, theme, place, period, origin as well as exploring highlighted sections like new and coming soon. Using sliders, the users can easily select the year range and how the movie is rated.

There are 14 main genres and 48 theme selections including Alien, Animal, Biography, Concert, Disaster, Dystopia, Family, Fugitive, Genius, Mafia, Mental Illness, Music, Mystery, Novel, Politics, Racing, Racism, Revenge, Road Trip, Serial Killer, Sport, Superhero, Time Travel, True Story, Vampire, War, Western and Zombie.

Enough? Not for Movienrs. Users can choose place and period: Desert, High School, Island, Jungle, Mountain, Office, Prison, Room, Water, Small, Town, Space, Suburban, Underground, University, Prehistory, Ancient Ages, Middle Ages, 1800s, World War I, World War II, Civil War, Cold War, ’60s & ’70s, ’80s, ’90s, Future, Apocalyptic and Post-Apocalyptic.


For additional discoveries users can also specify a continent or a country from all over the world. Any user may also see how many “Asia” or “France” movies she/he has seen by the time.

Movienr users can check, like, add (to watchlist), rate movies and define their favorite stars. These features help users either to create their movie memories or to get accurate movie recommendations. When a user checks movies as seen, likes or rates; Movienr’s smart Recommendation Algorithm starts to learn about her/his movie taste and makes accurate movie recommendations. A new Movienr user starts to get recommended in 24 hours after making her/his first movie check.

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