Mozilla Disses Microsoft with Metro’s Firefox Termination.


Mozilla Disses Microsoft with Metro’s Firefox Termination.

Mozilla has recently stated that it will no longer be going along with the development of its Firefox browser for the Windows 8 Metro.

The Reason.

The company had been working for about one and half years on the browser. Jonathan Nightingale, Vice President of Mozilla’s Firefox had wrote in his official blog post, that they only received about 1,000 daily active users on there Metro app version. This lead towards the company deciding to end their work on the app so resources could be applied towards more necessary products that are actually going to get off the ground. He also cited the pre-release version of Firefox, which has over millions of users testing them at the moment, the blog said.

The report quoted Nightingale as saying, “Mozilla builds software to make the world better, but we have to pick our battles. We’re not as tiny as we were when we shipped Firefox 1.0, but we still need to focus on the projects with the most impact for our mission; the massive scale of our competitors and of the work to be done requires us to marshal our forces appropriately.”

Previous Plans.

Mozilla had planned on launching a much more stable version of Firefox for Metro during the previous month, but instead postponed the release date to the middle of this month. Mostly due to the fact that very few users are actually using it made them change their minds.

From the get go, Metro’s Firefox had plenty of issues. To begin, while Windows 8 was still in its infantile stage, it was unclear whether Microsoft would allow other browsers to run on Metro. Although, the software giant only prevented other browsers from using Windows RT. Mozilla had introduced a Nightly build of Firefox for Metro back in February, during the previous year, but kept postponing its launch date for the stable version until they had finally come to a decision in terminating the project.


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