Multiverse Media Group Offers Video News Release With Its Content Marketing.


Multiverse Media Group Offers Video News Release With Its Content Marketing.

Multiverse Media Group, a digital marketing agency comprised of media experts that concentrate on results-focused media and marketing campaigns, announced the launch of its innovative video news release service. Designed to be part of a complete content marketing strategy, the video news release (or “VNR”) accompanies their clients nationally syndicated press releases for outstanding online visibility and social media engagement.

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According to Multiverse Media Group representatives, by utilizing the latest video technology, a professional spokesperson, and advanced motion graphics, this new service solves a major problem with traditional content marketing campaigns – lack of fast and affordable professional quality videos.

According to representatives of the agency, the process is very simple. Clients share current news with their Media Adviser and everything else is done for them. From writing the high-quality press-release and video script, to hiring the talent for the video shoot, putting the video together and ultimately distributing a premium-quality press release which includes their spokesperson video.


Within the Multiverse Media Group content marketing strategy are additional services bolstering the company’s new video news release offering including standard press releases, allowing clients the ability to extend their reach and share news worthy content through nationally syndicated press releases; video for social media, offering an engaging, unique way to share audio/video content with the clients’ audience; website copy writing and blogging which focuses on bringing clients’ closer to their brand while offering specific solutions or information; and social media management, such as Facebook, Twitter, and Google Plus, acting as an extension of clients’ brands and as a way to share, and grow an active following. These services focus on results – such as greater online visibility, optimized conversion rate, and increased sales.

“Content is king – it’s at the core of all marketing because it shapes the way we share and grow businesses online,” says James Castro, Multiverse Media Group founder and online visibility expert. “For us, content marketing is a strategic process in which our communication experts use all available means to organize a brands identity,share a client’s story, build a culture and, ultimately, a following that is ready to invest.” Adding, “As far as content goes, professional quality video is the most powerful tool available, the technology is there, why not take advantage.”

According to Castro, many content marketing firms want clients to believe that “content” is only about writing, because they themselves don’t offer in-house solutions for video or other content marketing solutions. In comparison, Multiverse Media Group’s content marketing company strategy focuses on all aspects of content and content delivery. From complete responsive website redesigns, to advanced social media management, copy-writing, blogging, video production, graphic design, and more.

“We saturate the market with fresh content constantly,” concludes Castro. “That’s why we are so excited to offer this new service, it makes sharing your companies story a breeze – plus this service blows the competition out of the water – an added benefit I suppose.”

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