Music App Shuts Down After Investor Pulls Funding.


Music App Shuts Down After Investor Pulls Funding.

Music streaming startup has recently that it would be shutting down its services immediately after having been publicly banned from Apple’s iAds advertising network. The startup, which services in a similar fashion to that of Pandora and Spotify within the U.K exclusively, announced this unfortunate news on Twitter.

“We’ll keep this short because we’re pretty shell-shocked. It’s game over for Our investor, who’s been along for the ride since day one, has unexpectedly pulled our funding,” announced on its blog. “It’s come so out of the blue that we don’t have time to find new investment. So, with enormous regret, we have to shut up shop. This is a poetically crappy turn of events as our young business was showing real promise.”

Service Feature. was a music services available for the Android and iOS devices and the web. It offered over more than 200 radio station and music discovery features, along wit library that contained over 22 million tracks. Users would simple have to create an account from within the application. And with a start price of £1 a month, they could “borrow” a certain number of tracks at a time. Once the user has grown bored of those tracks, they could switch them in for new ones. All borrowed tracks were saved to the phone for offline playback as well.

Originally launched during January 2013, has managed to gain over 1,158,914 registered users within the UK. its currently unclear how much longer those brits will be able to access to the borrowed tracks on, as well as the service’s application and web player.

“A massive thanks to everyone that helped us get this far, added. “We’re absolutely gutted. But it’s been a real pleasure.”

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