Musx, A Smoother Way To Share And Comment On Music.


Musx, A Smoother Way To Share And Comment On Music.

A Starring DC based startup by the name of Musx has successfully established its music discovery app that will allow users to share music with nothing but a simple push of a button. Their goal was to allow friends and family to share any music disovered on their app to be easily shared on a twitter page with no hassles at all. The application has currently only been released for iOS.

Musx is a very smooth music discovery app, especially with its incredible features. While it does offer alot of options one would normally find on other mobile app, such as SoundCloud, who have pretty much overtaken the industry when it comes to sharing and uploading all kinds of music. Musx has a more diverse approach when it comes to other apps, with its very slick and smooth user interface that can easily be interacted with and gives the user and experience that will guarantee them coming back with no difficulty at all.

This app also, as mentioned before, share various comments made by the user with ease, and no annoyingly necessary pop ups appearing all over the screens, causing your phone to be over run with ads or overrunning your phone with extra open external pages. One thing users will definitely get a kick out of this application will be the ability to share and include commentary on the app and reshare with all their friends in various social medias like Facebook and twitter, being two perfect example. Doing so with only a push of a button featured on the app.

At the current moment, Musx relies far too much on sources like Youtube And Vevo as their prime source of finding and streaming music. This gives it a shortcoming on content that can be available to the user, Unlike other music apps that force you into paying for music after only a short amount of free listening. Funny enough, they have announced on trying to add Soundcloud itself as an continuous source of music for the app. Musx will definitely continue to grow and be a big for all go-to music app.



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