New Adult Boot Camp Created To Fill in The Technology Gap.


New Adult Boot Camp Created To Fill in The Technology Gap.

In the Tampa Bay area, Absolute Mobile Solutions, a digital marketing agency, turned down half a million dollars of work this year because it can’t find enough qualified front-end developers. Across the United States and around the world, companies find themselves in the same predicament. According to the job search website,, more than 1,200 job openings are listed for developers in the Tampa Bay area alone.

A new company based out of Ybor City hopes to fill that need.


Starting in September, gr8code, an all-female-owned small business, will begin training adult students so that they may emerge from the 9-week program with skills that qualify them for jobs as front-end developers.

For the college student who just dropped out of school, for the blue-collar worker looking for better pay and hours, the journalist who was just laid off, the vet who is going back to civilian life, or the stay-at-home mom who is ready to get back into the workforce, gr8code is the answer.

Curriculum for the course, which runs over nine intensive weeks, was created by internationally recognized designer and developer Justin Davis, whose clients include Coke Zero, Bic, Metlife, and Lenox. Supporting Davis is full stack developer Matt Branton, who spent eight years making sure hackers couldn’t take down Wall Street; and Strategic Advisor Mitch Neff, who brings expertise in brand development and digital analytics.

Applications are being accepted for the inaugural group of cohorts, which will begin training on Sept. 22, 2014 at a historic bungalow in Ybor City. After nine weeks, the first group of graduates can start the New Year with a new career.

The goal is to produce graduates to fill the void in the Tampa Bay area and beyond.

Alfred Goldberg, president of American Operations for Absolute Mobile Solutions, said the area has high-quality, world class universities, “but it’s still not enough.”

“The demand is just so high and the technology changes so fast, that it’s very difficult for the colleges to meet the general demand and to also provide the education in technology that is new,” he said. “It takes a while for universities to get the curriculum approved and to get the teachers who are qualified.”


gr8code, the first boot camp of its kind in Tampa, is current, fast-paced, and complete.

The cost of a 9-week course is $10,000; the starting pay for front-end developers in Tampa Bay is around $60,000 a year.

During this rigorous 9-week course, participants will learn everything they need to become a valuable employee or freelancer doing front-end development work. The core curriculum teaches students HTML, CSS and Javascript – the languages that are used to build almost every website on the internet.

But being a developer is much more than learning some code. They’ll also learn workflow in team-based process, working with APIs, how to use modern MVC frameworks (like Backbone, Angular, and Ember), testing tools like Mocha, and interface design. Instruction is given by industry experts with a focus on well-designed user experiences and well-crafted code.

“The goal of gr8code Boot Camp is to get you fully prepared to step into a professional development environment,” said Davis, Vice President of Development and Strategy for gr8code. “We prepare you for the interview process and get you aligned with our recruiting partners when you complete the program.”

Absolute Mobile Solutions is among several companies throughout the area who are keeping an eye on the gr8code graduates.

“This is not a local problem, this is a global problem,” he said. “I can’t wait to see the effect gr8code has on the industry.”

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