A New Generation of Portable Tracking Device for Peace of Mind.


A New Generation of Portable Tracking Device for Peace of Mind.

Meet POM (Peace of Mind) – a new generation tracking device that uses Bluetooth technology, doesn’t need re-charging, and – unlike pure GPS tracking devices – POM works when missing pets, people, valuables go inside buildings.


Developed in the USA, POM and Total POM use proven cellular based tracking technology developed by Eco PACT, creators of enterprise level tracking solutions, featuring aluminum pallets and shipping containers using the same technology.

POM and Total POM is a small, square tracking tag, that attaches to your dog’s collar, can be worn on the wrist, or attached anywhere or to anything that you consider valuable. Hide it inside your purse, your computer case, your golf club bag, your suitcase, or your guitar. Wear it as a bracelet for children and at-risk adults. Whether it is the family dog, a loved one, or your favorite items, POM is there to provide you Peace Of Mind that these items are safe.

POM’s KICKSTARTER goal is to raise $75,000 to start production for this invaluable device that is slated to hit the market by end of year. The POM KICKSTARTER campaign will run through July 2014.


What makes POM and Total POM different from other tracking devices?

  • no recharging of batteries – an enormous advantage for tracking devices. GPS-only systems require re-charging every 24 hours; its simple no charge, no tracking. POM overcomes that.
  • POM has a three-year battery life expectancy with a replaceable battery
  • Total POM has a 1-year battery life expectancy with a replaceable battery*
  • 1 year Free Data plan and Just $19.99 per year there after.

POM and Total POM combines Bluetooth, Cellular and GPS tracking systems into one to give you ultimate coverage. Our POM link works like a 24/7 monitoring beacon for your home, office, or anywhere you choose. Existing tag and tracking devices are restricted by Bluetooth’s typical connectivity range of 100 feet and function on the expectation that someone else running their app will be within range to help locate it. Total POM adds GPS and Cellular tracking capabilities. Even if your treasures are out of Bluetooth range, with Total POM you can simply activate GPS and Cellular to get a precise location.”

“In addition, the POM link works like a digital fence that tells you if e.g. your pet or your child has broken that ‘barrier’. If the barrier is broken, you automatically get notified that someone or something is not where it should be.”

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