New iOS Game “GRIDS” Embarks Gamers on a Quest to Master Blocks & Puzzles.


New iOS Game “GRIDS” Embarks Gamers on a  Quest to Master Blocks & Puzzles.

Many years ago, Tetris captured the minds and hearts of millions of gamers worldwide, and forever changed the gaming landscape. Since then, countless games have attempted – and failed — to capture that glorious essence. The reason? They’ve tried to duplicate an idea from the past, rather than create something fresh and exciting for a new generation of modern gamers. Fortunately, there are exceptions to every trend, because Peter Cholewinski has finally done what hundreds of game developers before him have failed to accomplish: create a game that pays homage to Tetris in spirit, but delivers something totally unique, new and addictively fun: GRIDS.


Available in the App Store for iPad and iPhone, GRIDS features 81 fabulously designed levels – ranging from refreshingly simple to mind-bendingly complex – in which gamers must re-position and re-orient variously sized figures (starting with 3, 4 and 5 bricks, and jumping to 6, 7 and 8 bricks as the levels get harder) in order to clear lines and score points. And that’s just the beginning.

Because, in addition to letting gamers play each level as often as they wish in order to reach for higher scores, GRIDS features more than 10 brilliant game modes — such as line clearing, color matching, linked grids, and more – and nearly 100 items that can be snagged during gameplay or obtained via the shop, which help solve puzzles and overcome obstacles. And still, the world of GRIDS still has more to offer.

That’s because each level features a monster who can only be defeated through a special line-clearing combo that gamers must figure out on their own (or use one of their items for a hint). It’s an element that adds both fun and intrigue to an already featurepacked game. With that being said, gamers who aren’t in a monster mood can run the cool monster blocker.


  • Extremely easy swipe and tap controls
  • Awesome music with more than 60 tracks
  • Crisp graphics that look great on the Retina display
  • 3 unique play modes to keep things lively and interesting

“Tetris was and always will be a legendary game, and I can’t count how many hours I spent stacking blocks and clearing lines,” commented Peter Cholewinski. “However, the gaming world has changed a lot – especially in the last few years – and now it’s time for something fresh, new, exciting and, of course, super addictive and fun. Those are the ingredients that I’ve crafted into GRIDS, and I hope that people around the world love playing it as much as I did creating it!”

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