Nibbles Launches A Kickstarter Campaign For Their Scheduled Pet Feeder Device.


Nibbles Launches A Kickstarter Campaign For Their Scheduled Pet Feeder Device.

Pet owners will no longer have to feel guilty when they leave their pets alone at home anymore whenever a trip to the outside world is necessary. Neither will they have to worry about their pets missing any important schedules such as feeding times anymore or wonder what their pet might be up to when they are not at home.


Nibbles has as of recently launched a Kickstarter campaign in order to fund this smart pet feeder with a camera. Nibbles will allows every single 79.5 million U.S. pet owner to feed and watch their animal companion from anywhere during any time with just a few simple taps of a button.

The story behind the creation of Nibbles is really simple, CEO Jonathan wanted to have a way that he would be able to feed his dog while he was working during the late night. The CTO, Justin, on the other hand simply wanted a way to stop his cat from waking him up during the early mornings. After searching around the market and not locating a suitable product to their liking, they immediately set out to develop their very own.


Nibbles allows pet owners to check up oh their put but utilizing an integrated camera that is accessible though the use of any iOS or Android device. Working late or going out for dinner? This device shall dispense the food according to a schedule and notify owners though the use SMS or email. At the moment, Nibbles only monitors food outtakes but will have a recommended diet list sometime in the coming future.

“As a company, we’re interested in how we can use technology to make pet owner’s lives easier.” explains Jonathan Ku, co-founder and CEO of Nibbles. “As a pet owner myself, I’m excited to see how we can create a healthy lifestyle with proper feeding and exercise.”

Nibbles is currently selling a discounted price on Kickstarter and plans to ship out the product sometime during February 2015. A demo of the prototype and media kit  can be viewed on their main site.  The Kickstarter is available in this following link.

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