Nimble Streamer Integrates Vidillion’s Advertising Platform.


Nimble Streamer Integrates Vidillion’s Advertising Platform.

The recent years have seen the video consumption habits of consumers drastically shift towards IP-based, or connected, TV and devices. Many advertisers are jumping on the trend, as they find value for their advertising dollars on connected video streaming devices.

Nimble Streamer.

Nimble Streamer, a light-weight, fast freeware HTTP streaming server developed by WMSPanel has partnered with Vidillion to maximize streaming capacity on Over the Top (OTT) systems and other IP-based video streaming devices. Nimble Streamer integrates Vidillion’s advertising Platform-as-a-Service (PaaS) and uses the ad service provider’s vast Content Delivery Network (CDN) manager to redirect targeted viewers. This partnership benefits TV broadcasters and Over-The-Top (OTT) system operators who seek to increase their revenues with advertising, allowing them to use less powerful servers yet achieve high-capacity streaming.

According to Dennis Nugent, Founder and Chairman of Vidillion, “By using the Nimble Streamer ABR functionality with the Vidillion PaaS, TV broadcasters can deliver their TV stream to any device (smartphone, tablet, STB such as Roku, SmartTV, etc.) with individualized ads properly transcoded and transrated for each specific device and viewer profile.”


Nugent cites another benefit of Vidillion’s PaaS to the Nimble Streamer/WMSPanel customers as “the ability to increase the advertisers’ margins by offering advertising services that are optimized with Vidillion’s unique CDN service that includes Vidillion’s VidViewers marketplace. Vidillion’s VidViewers marketplace allows advertisers and content providers to precisely target viewers according to profiles and activity history.

Yuri Udovichenko, CEO of WMSPanel said, “The connected TV market is exploding. TV broadcasters are faced with a huge consumer shift from legacy TV to connected TV, and are unsure how to implement. By integrating Vidillion’s advertising platform with Nimble Streamer, we meet the three main requirements of the TV broadcaster: low latency and high reliability of streaming video services with massive scalability, security, and content monetization with advertising.”

Yuri went on to say, “The reason that we selected Vidillion for CTV advertising for Nimble Streamer was their experience in individualized, frame accurate digital ad insertion and expertise in server-side application development.”

The Nimble Streamer uses WMSPanel for data collection and reporting. WMSPanel helps build Nimble-based streaming networks. It provides live and VOD streaming control, reporting framework, paywalls and other restrictions, as well as monitoring server and streams.

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