Nito, Inc. Partners With the Lowell Spinners.


Nito, Inc. Partners With the Lowell Spinners.

Entertainment technology company Nito Inc., announced today a partnership with the minor league baseball team Lowell Spinners who have licensed Nito’s PRO software to create social media content and videos for the team website, social media and stadium scoreboard.

Lowell Spinners.

The Lowell Spinners will use Nito’s PRO software for the remainder of this 2014 baseball season and the offseason to turn the Lowell Spinners mascots Canaligator, his wife Allie-Gator and baby Millie-Gator into 3D animated avatars. Fans will be able to embody the mascots themselves using Nito’s iOS and MAC consumer Apps to send video messages to friends, family and fellow fans.

“The Lowell Spinners have developed a reputation in minor league baseball as a proving ground for new technology and ideas to further engage fans,” says Nito’s CEO Hoyt David Morgan. “Nito is thrilled to be a part of the great front office, and we hope this is a start of a long and successful relationship with the club and all of MiLB.”

“We are thrilled to bring our mascots to life in social media and even in our scoreboard entertainment. To let our fans have an active role with these characters in the Nito App enhances our entertainment product even further,” said Spinners Assistant General Manager Jon Boswell. “Nito will enable us to increase the fan experience exponentially.”


Nito’s patent-pending markerless facial tracking technology will bring the Lowell Spinners’ mascots to life in animations that mimic app users’ facial moments, expressions and voice in real time. This content can then be rendered in both web-ready mp4 or in an Apple Pro Res format that can be further edited. These 3D avatars will also be incorporated into Nito’s consumer iOS and MAC Apps so fans to create custom 15-second videos with the virtual versions of the mascots to share seamlessly across all major social media and messaging platforms.

The Lowell Spinners have released the first video using Nito.


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