Nitrous.IO scores $6.65M To Cease Messy Development Set Up.


 Nitrous.IO scores $6.65M To Cease Messy Development Set Up.

Nitrous.IO a startup whose goals are to free developers from the gruntwork of having to configure, patch, and otherwise tampering with workstation-based developmental environments, has recently acquired a $6.65 million in A series Funding, which was lead by Bessemer Venture Partners.

Making Things Easier.

The company’s Goal is to introduce a way of of having installation and tweaking developmental environments on their computer, which has been known to be annoying and a times waster, for much more easier way for developers to get to work by using the Nitrous.IO’s Web IDE using their Android or iPad tablets. They can share these developments with other co-workers, clients or partners. They can also use the Nitrous in conjunction of their favorite desktop editor. The Nitrous Web IDE runs on Amazon Web Services.

Layers of Data.

Arun Thampi the Co-founder of Nitrous.IO had said VMware, Oracle, and Microsoft offer technology to digitize the developers entire machine in the cloud, while addressing the dependence of the physical device. Those products do not mean ti will necessarily make it easier to set up the development environment in the cloud-based virtual machine.

“In fact,” Thampi said via email, “they add another layer to learn and manage and requires you to download gigabytes of data to your local machine at a time the world is moving to thinner and thinner clients which have very little state. Our solution focuses on the needs of the developers so they can focus on coding rather than tedious and repetitive environment setup.”
Nitrous.IO Co-founders

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