Nokero Rolls Out The World’s Most Affordable Solar Light Bulb.


Nokero Rolls Out The World’s Most Affordable Solar Light Bulb.

Nokero International, LLC today announced the availability of its ultra-efficient solar light bulb, the N182, billed as the world’s most affordable LED solar light bulb. At twice the brightness but two thirds the size of the previous N180 model, Nokero’s latest design utilizes the highest efficacy LED, a radically redesigned circuit board, and a cost-effective solar panel.


The versatile, pocket-sized N182 housing is configured so that it may be used as a hanging light, a standing task light, or a personal flashlight. The patented design emphasizes ease of use and efficient energy conversion, with an internal PCB and on/off switch to guarantee affordability.

“This next generation Nokero solution demonstrates the power of collaboration,” noted Nokero founder and CEO, Steve Katsaros. “The incorporation of Seoul Semiconductor’s ultra-efficient, mid-power 5630 LED is a game-changer for our solar light bulb. Every increase in efficacy means a longer run time and an increase in brightness, which in turn enables our products to change lives at the base of the economic pyramid through efficient and affordable energy solutions.”

Together, Nokero and Seoul Semiconductor demonstrate that LEDs do not just provide light, but will actually change the world through an ultra-affordable product that can provide light for the 1.3 billion people without electricity.


Nokero’s launch of the N182 solar light bulb commemorates both the four-year anniversary of the company and its recent designation as one of Colorado’s Companies to Watch for 2014.

Katsaros is introducing the N182 solar light bulb while discussing its attributes and applications during his 8:30 am MT remarks at today’s Colorado Energy Expo. The N182 will be for sale at the Colorado Energy Expo and online at an MSRP of $8 each immediately following Katsaros’ remarks. Discounts are available when product is purchased by the case (60 units). To purchase a sample of the N182 solar light bulb, visit

Nokero is currently building a global distribution network to make its evolving suite of solar light bulbs available to virtually everyone under the sun. Those interested in Nokero distributorships – or in gifting Nokero lighting to those living in energy poverty – can visit

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