Nomore Stalkers. Meet New People By Answering Questions With Worthy


Nomore Stalkers. Meet New People By Answering Questions With Worthy

Are you looking for real friends with similar personality to you? Worthy is an app startup based in Hong Kong that helps you meet new friends by asking questions. That’s right, nomore spammers or scary stalkers. Only friend the ones that understand you and ignore all the others that do not make a difference in your life! Worthy rose to the number 1 spot in the app store in 14 different countries. Pretty amazing!


Worthy is a new app launched by Innopage, a local hong kong startup, that develops application for a lot of electronic such as television, ebooks, online apps and many more. Worthy is special because it allows people to play games with strangers by asking them questions before adding them. The process works like this. You locate someone that you would like to befriend, then you send them a friend request. Before the other person sees the friend request you have to answer some questions. Those questions are automatically set up by the person you are trying to befriend. If you answer them correctly, then a friend request will go through. If you failed to answer them, then you won’t see their contact page again unless they update to a newer question. Sounds kind of confusing and complicated in the beginning. I was confused as well. Some people like creative questions to prevent stalkers. For example a random girl might put, “What is my favorite food?” With 3 other choices to choose from. If you were to try and add her, you would need to predict what she wants.


The reason behind the “questions” is so that the girl would not get random invites from people who goes around looking for random girls to add. This makes it easier for the girl to find the “right” friend. This still doesn’t stop someone from randomly guessing answers though. The app is quite unique and soared to the number one spot in the app store.

Words From The Founder

The founder of Worthy, Keith Li, mentioned in an interview that he came up with the idea for Worthy because he was tired of having spammer or fake friends. Keith talks about how people randomly add other people on Facebook and that there was no way of filtering things out. With Worthy, you can make things extremely private or openly private.

We develop Worthy because we saw some other social apps are not working. It seems that there is no good solution to it, so we try to solve it ourselves. I think connecting with people alike is a basic human need, so the social apps are here to stay. The question is, is the right tool available now for the purpose? We think it is not, and if we can develop something that works, many users will benefit from that.

To get the app or find out more about Worthy check out the app store:

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