The NSA Copycatted As Facebook To Spy On Millions Of Users.


The NSA Copycatted As Facebook To Spy On Millions Of Users.

The National Security Agency (NSA) have been reported of using automated systems to infect users computers with a malware since 2010, according to a report from Wednesday. During this time the government agency pretended to be Facebook and installed its malware.


The NSA has used a program that been given the codename TURBINE to infiltrate networks and computers with maleware “implants” with the ability to spy on users, according to a reported document that has been provided by the well known whistle blower Edward Snowden.

A estimated amount that reaches between 85,000 and 100,000 of these implants have been deployed internationally so far, the report said. The NSA has relied upon various tactics to infect computers with the malware, which includes posing as Facebook.

The federal agency has performed what has been dubbed as a “man-on-the-side” attack in which it tricks the users computers into believing they where accessing the actual Facebook servers. Once the users and its computer have been fooled into this false sense of security, the NSA hacks into the users computer and extracts data from their hard drive.

Facebook Assurance.

Facebook has commented that it had no knowledge of the NSA’s Turbine program. according to the National Journal. Although the social networking giant has mentioned that its would no longer be possible for the NSA or hackers to attack the user in this manner, but Facebook has warned that its still possible on other websites and social networks, that have not taken precaution on these type of attacks, leaving them vulnerable.

“This method of network level disruption does not work for traffic carried over HTTPS, which Facebook finished integrating by default last year,” Facebook told the National Journal. “If government agencies indeed have privileged access to network service providers, any site running only HTTP could conceivably have its traffic misdirected.”

Other ways the NSA infects malware onto computers include sending out spam emails.


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