Ocius Enters Technology Alliance with SiSense.


Ocius Enters Technology Alliance with SiSense.

Ocius, a leading provider of multifamily resident billing and utility invoice processing solutions, is pleased to announce its new relationship with SiSense, an award-winning, end-to-end business intelligence and analytics software provider.

“We feel this is a significant step to further enhance our client experience,” said Keith Nelson, President at Ocius. “The quality of data we provide, along with the flexibility of reporting, are core features that need to be constantly improved, and SiSense offers the most advanced tools for us to continue to revolutionize that aspect of our client offerings.”


This recent partnership reinforces Ocius’ steadfast commitment to providing its clients the most accurate and innovative reporting tools. All data will now be presented in an interactive, customizable dashboard, in real-time, and will feature data visualizations for easy analysis. Additionally, visibility will now be available across all levels of a client’s organization, making collaboration efforts simple.

Ocius invented the process of convergent billing fourteen years ago and continues to be the innovation leader in this rapidly growing segment. Ocius also provides Utility Invoice Processing, Transaction Processing, Submetering, and Resident Portal solutions that help clients increase efficiency and improve results. Ocius currently provides services to half of the NMHC Top-50 Apartment Managers and processes more than $2 Billion in resident billing annually.

SiSense is an award-winning, full-stack Business Intelligence and Analytics software that’s leading the way into a new era of BI. The software is creating quite a buzz for its powerful technology as SiSense is the only fully-functional Business Intelligence tool that lets non-techies join multiple large data sets, build smart dashboards with great data visualizations, and share with thousands of users. SiSense provides a centralized database on standard hardware, and serves more queries, more users, and more data than any other BI tool on the market

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