Octonius Now Allows You To Group All Of Your Cloud Files


Octonius Now Allows You To Group All Of Your Cloud Files

Octonius, is an upcoming startup located in Palo Alto. Octonius allows you to manage all of your cloud clients and storage under one place. Most of us probably have multiple platforms that we use to store our cloud files. Some people will use Google drive for work, while some other people will use Dropbox for personal files. It can be a huge hassle to navigate between different clients to access to your files. Octonius puts all of the files under one roof and also allows you to “group them” as apart of the startup’s new feature.

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Octonius is apart of the BlackBox Connect startup accelerator program. Blackbox Connect is a unique opportunity for non-US startups to access resources and scale globally during a two-week immersion program. As of now Octonius is only available in the App Store. Octonius has four main features.

  • Flow: Latest updates in any of your accounts.
  • Browse: Browse your accounts.
  • Search: Universal search for all your accounts.
  • Collections: Group files from different accounts.

Collections being their new feature. Flow is similar to a newsfeed where you can view all of your latest activities or files under one screen. Browse simply allows you to access to multiple clients and find the file you are looking for. Search function is used frequently on every platform, but incase you forget where you saved the file you are looking for you can do a universal search with the search function.

Collections allows you to group files together from different cloud clients. You can bundle the files, have them in the same folder or simply attach and share the files. Another special feature that the startup introduced with group is the ability to set reminders next to files, add a note, or send the whole collection file as a whole. Octonius allows all of your files to be shared through Evernote, email or any other client that can be connected to the mobile phone. Cloud startups like dropbox already makes cloud storing hassle free, but Octonious makes everything even easier.

“Cloud storage is not important anymore, people are interested in the flow of their files.”

Check out Octonius’s website here or get the app directly from the app store.



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