Oculus VR Unveils New Rift Headset Dubbed DK2 For Developers.


Oculus VR Unveils New Rift Headset Dubbed DK2 For Developers.

Oculus Rift has announced today a new version of its virtual reality headset for developers. Dubbed as the DK2, the new headset has been boned on the Crystal Cove prototype that was shown off during the CES trade show during the early year.

New Specs.

This new set has two Hi-def, 980×1080 displays that will cover the wearers eyes and reduce the “screen-door” affect that was found in the previous models. Similar to that of the Crystal Cove, the OLED screens should be able to reduce the motion blur and unnatural movements, while increasing clarity color and contrast.

Each unit will also arrive with external cameras for tracking the heads current position. This new feature is quire crucial, due it it allowing the wearer to adjust their perspective in the digital world. Taking cover, checking around or under corners and quickly glancing over the shoulder are enabled by this feature.

Oculus Rift has also updated the alignment tracker, adding a USB port on the headset, packed in a latency tester and pulled whats been dubbed as the “infamous” control box. The DK2 will also support the redesigned SDK and continued optimization with both Unreal Engine 4 and Unity.


Future Release.

These new models will unfortunately not be hitting retail stores at for now. Oculus VR have commented that its getting “closer everyday” for the release of their final product and while some of the experience still needs improvement, the “fundamental building blocks” are currently in place. All created content developed for the DK2 will be supported in the retail release.

“There’s no cutting corners or ‘good enough’ when it comes to VR; the consumer Rift needs to be perfect and we’re dedicated to getting it right,” the company said. “We’re moving as fast as possible and promise it’ll be worth the wait.”

The DK2 will set you back $350 and is available to pre-order today, with the first units expected to ship in July.


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