One-Hour Grocery Service Instacart Expands Towards New York City.


One-Hour Grocery Service Instacart Expands Towards New York City.

Instacart, one of the only services to exist that can deliver groceries from multiple local stores within an hours, has recently announced that it would be expanding its services towards New York City. Starting today, customers will be able to order any items digitally to be carried in their neighborhood Whole Foods Market and have them delivered in no less then one hour. Furthermore, and increase of stores will be added during the coming weeks. Instacart is only the same-day grocery delivery option for Whole Foods currently in New York City.


Instacart will start off by serving the most lower parts of Manhattan, south of 34th Street, the financial district being an exception. services will continue to expand throughout the city during the passing couple of months. Instacart will have the same hours as the stores it delivers from has. The site currently contains at map of Instacarts current services in New York City area. Customers can also open up an account that the main instacart website, and will receive a free delivery on their first order of $35 or more.


The company had originally launched in San Francisco and has managed to expand beyond it towards, Chicago, Washington, Boston, Philadelphia, DC and now New York City. Instacart has disturbed the traditional method of grocery delivery space with its crowdsourced labor force named “Personal Shoppers” who buy for and deliver grocery orders with their own transportation in under one hour. This has managed to eliminate the need for expensive infrastructure such as inventory, warehouses, trucks and full-time drivers.

Instacart’s founder Apoorva Mehta, has said that the company has received over thousands of request to expand its services towards New York City, It had become on of the most requested places that instacart received, nationwide. Research has shown that nearly 85 percent of New Yorkers do now own their own vehicle, making grocery run a huge inconvenience for most.

“Despite a plethora of delivery services in New York City, we’ve found that no one else is doing same-day grocery delivery right, with shoppers who are trained specifically in grocery selection,” said Mehta. “We think our model is the perfect fit for busy New Yorkers, combining convenience and value.”

During their testing phase for Instacart’s New York City Service in the cold winters of March, Mehta and his team found that giving personal shoppers the flexibility to walk, bike and drive had helped them ensure they could still shop and deliver the groceries with not little then one hour.

“Our logistics may be slightly different than in our other cities due to the unique nature of New York City, but our pilot helped prove that we can still meet our delivery commitments,” said Mehta. “We’re excited to tackle the city that never sleeps.”

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