One Virtual Source Shows Off Their Talent For Tech.


One Virtual Source Shows Off Their Talent For Tech.

A way to reduce cost and drive business growth may have been found by a pair of up coming companies by the name of One Virtual Source, who has managed to collaborate with the Philippine Trade and Investment Center-Silicon Valley. They showed of a presentation to a crowed filled up with entrepreneurs, technological managers and startups.

Introducing The Big Wig.

Nancy Hwang and JR Calanoc, both CEO and COO of One Virtual Source, where both to be featured during the presentation which was called, “Think Global to Grow Your Business- Best Practices in Outsourcing”. They were both later joined in by Arup Maity, CEO Oh Blast Asia, in a virtual setting, and later by Todd Musgrove, Managing Director of Mundomo.  Both of these important men spoke with the crowd in real time from their location at San Francisco and the Philippines, from a One Virtual Source HD video chat room.

Words of Advice From The Pro’s

The discussion was mainly focused on advice on looking for a outsourcing partner and how to work with said partner in full effect, once chosen.

“While it may seem obvious, making sure that your partner’s priorities align with yours is extremely important. Also, just because you are ‘outsourcing’ a project, does not mean that you are no longer responsible for its outcome. An active partnership is key to outsourcing success,” said Maity.

“Face-to-face communications via platforms like OVS can help create a better product. We have found that the most successful outcomes are when companies provide feedback to their partners frequently and consistently,” adds Musgrove.

About One Virtual Source.

The demo that was show live of the One Virtual Source showed that users can be registered, review proposal, schedule a video conference meeting with any future vendors, and even submit a bid.

“Belief in the capabilities of our IT and IT-enabled companies, such as in software development, creatives and design, has prompted One Virtual Source to identify the Philippines as its pilot country for the platform. We are proud to be part of this collaboration,” said Philippine Trade Commissioner, Michael Alfred Ignacio.

One Virtual Source is an international internet workplace that concentrates on the creation of business to business connections. Their goul will be to allow companies to have and easier time searching, hiring, and collaborating with any qualified vendor on the integrated platform. Their services also include web design, video productions, animations and illustration, and software development.



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