Online Courses Reduce Time and Cash to Earn a Degree.


Online Courses Reduce Time and Cash to Earn a Degree.

StraighterLine, a leading provider of affordable, flexible and transferable online college courses, has partnered with California Southern University (CalSouthern), a premier accredited online university dedicated to meeting the educational needs of working adults.

Together, StraighterLine and CalSouthern provide students with low-cost online courses that create a flexible and affordable degree path, helping students save a significant amount on their full degree program.

Tuition That Doesn’t Increase

Since 1978, CalSouthern has offered an unmatched value in education with affordable tuition that will never increase as long as continuous enrollment is maintained. Your tuition is locked in upon enrollment in a degree or certificate program:

  • Undergraduate degree programs are just $6,000 per year (24 credits).
  • Graduate degree programs in business, psychology and law enforcement are less than $8,500 per year (24 credits).
  • Tuition for the Doctor of Business Administration is less than $6,000 per year (15 credits).

A Highly Flexible Pathway to a College Degree with a Personal Touch

Partnering with StraighterLine further expands on CalSouthern’s commitment to offer affordable and transfer-friendly undergraduate, graduate, and professional degree programs with a personal touch.

StraighterLine’s online college courses start as low as $148, include one-on-one academic support (tutoring), and are now accepted for transfer credit at CalSouthern. When you start with StraighterLine, you can save thousands on your high quality, tuition-friendly online degree from CalSouthern.

  • StraighterLine “First Year” program allows students to take any 10 courses with a 12 Month Membership for $1299.
  • StraighterLine Memberships are $99 per month, and you can purchase unlimited courses for as low as $49.
  • Complete all your coursework 100-percent online, on your schedule and at your convenience
  • StraighterLine allows students to pause their monthly membership at any time, and resume taking courses as their schedule permits.

More information on the partnership and using StraighterLine online courses to complete general education requirements at CalSouthern –

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