Online Tailor, Son of a Tailor,Launches Its Kickstarter Campaign.


Online Tailor, Son of a Tailor,Launches Its Kickstarter Campaign.

During a time of fast fashion, Song of a Tailor has recently adopted a more traditional process of introducing its Tailored T-shirts that are individually, not mass, produced. More information about the Son of a Tailor and its current Kick starter campaign to help launch Tailored T-shirts worldwide can be found here.

Tailored T-shirts.

The T-shirt aficionados, based in Denmark, have recently Introduced a Tailored T-shirts after discovering that little over one in ten men comfortable fit into standard sizes. The startup has researched that over 69% of men have struggled to find T-shirts that fit and realized there has been a gap within the market to offer tailored made to measure T-shirts that are much more sustainable in their concept and design.

The T-shirts are made from very high quality cotton and individually made by tailors to match each of their customers requirements, which means there is virtually no wast in the supply chain.

Up until recently, tailored T-shirts have only been possible for those who were willing to pay up a premium price. Rollings Stones drummer Charlie Watts, for instance, is known to receive his T-shirts tailored to his exact requirements. Although, until now this kind of services was not possible for most of the general public. Son of a Tailor is the first e-commerce business to offer truly tailored T-shirt for all men, with a price tag that begins from only $7.

Jess Fleischer, founder at Son of a Tailor said; “The T-shirt is an essential staple in any man’s wardrobe. Research shows that men will purchase on average eight T-shirts a year, representing 7 billion T-shirts in the US and Europe (3). At Son of a Tailor we’re putting care and craftsmanship back into the T-shirt, adopting old-fashioned tailoring to offer the perfect fit, and provide a personal alternative to one of the most mass-produced garments – the T-shirt.”


The Tailored T-shirts can be customized, with customers able to select style, color and preferred fit, as well as inputting their measurements so an individual pattern can be developed, and the T-shirt perfectly tailored. Son of a Tailor pay attention to every details using discreet seams on the neckline, and cuffed sleeves for a more flattering look. Finally the customer’s initials can be embroidered on to the fabric to finish off the T-shirt.

Son of Tailer main goals are for zero wastage and only to use cotton from small organic farms, retrieving the longest cotton fibers for high-quality soft and non-pilling material. The cotton fibres are carted and combed to remove impurities and spun into yarn, close to the farms. The startup keeps the entire process in Europe to avoid further transportation and warehouse waste.

Son of a Tailor has begun a Kickstarter crowdfunding campaign to take their Tailored T-shirts throughout the globe. Throughout the campaign people can buy a son of a Tailor T-shirt through the crowdfunding platform for a discounted price that starts at $57.

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