Onpublico, A Social News App to Enable Everyone to Report Breaking News.


Onpublico, A Social News App to Enable Everyone to Report Breaking News.

Onpublico today unveiled its iOS iPhone app, giving people the ability to report news with the app in a few simple steps—snap, upload, and share. Inspired by a desire to make news more available Onpublico transforms the social news experience through pictures and videos with community participation and geo-targeting. Onpublico is the only social news platform where people can follow breaking news nearby. People do not have to be connected to each other to see news stories. The app showcases news reported by people with a passion for sharing news, insights, videos and images that capture stories as they break.

“Now, you have the power to inform each other and report on news that really matters. Onpublico is to news, what Waze is to traffic. Our goal is to create a public and open space where people work together to keep each other aware of what’s happening around them as it’s happening. We want to break the traditional social media barrier and allow access and shared information beyond our social networks. Join us as we help reshape media and your community,” says Isabel Arcones CO-founder & CEO.


Once news is uploaded the content is shared with the Onpublico community. It can also be shared via social media networks (Facebook, Twitter), through text messages and email. Categories, short captions and tags help people discover news that suits their interests and provide more detail on stories. Readers can comment and share their opinions and add to stories as they continue to break thus allowing greater reporting and insight.

The app compliments the Onpublico website, which allows people to take the same steps in a web environment. The website recently came out of beta after experiencing good results and very positive feedback from users. Users can use either or both platforms depending on their preferences to read, report, and track news.

Features on the iOS app include: 

  • Easy to use—snap, upload, and share
  • Browse pictures from news stories
  • Watch exclusive videos from news stories
  • Capture and share what matters to you and your community
  • Give your opinion and add information to news
  • Review what’s trending
  • Vote about content relevance under “it matters”
  • Track the stories important to you by topic, story, author, location or tag
  • Get local breaking news stories by targeted area
  • Personalize the app to suit your interests
  • Search stories by keyword
  • Review stats on stories under “My stats”
  • Allows you to map the news

The Power to Break the News

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