oPhone The Device That Sends Smell Through Text Messages.


oPhone The Device That Sends Smell Through Text Messages.

The digital age has increased the strength of communications, but it has not improved its quality. Changing the trend is a current goal for a up coming generation of sensory engineers who are reaching for the sky with sight and sound to produce a devices that uses our untapped faculties. The most exciting breakthrough as of new would the the possible arrival of a smell-centered communication device.


“Our motto is ‘aroma tells a thousand pictures’”, says Dr. David Edwards, a biomedical engineer at Harvard and founder of Le Laboratoire, which is best known for producing its sensory device such as the calorie-free chocolate spray. All humans have over a thousand of distinctive smell sensory, Edwards explains, a resources he wishes to tap into with his latest new invention  the oPhone.

The beta version is set to launch during July, with the phone offering a most sophisticated smell messaging to ever be created. Collaborating with Paris perfumers Givaudan and baristas Cafe Coutume, Edward has managed to create a assortment of scents contained in ‘Ochips’. Eyal Shahar an MIT electrical engineer, has designed containers for them that release by heat from the touch of a button, but cools down real quickly to keep the smell distinctive and localized.

Combinations and Launch.

Its possible for owners of the oPhone to mix and match any aroma and then send them in a composed message, which then will be recreated in another fellow oPhone users device. Up to 356 combination are currently possible to create during its first wave of release, and shall raise by several thousands in the next coming year.

“Biologically we respond powerfully to aroma, so if we become familiar with the design of aromatic communication we might be able to say things we couldn’t before”, says Edwards.

The first couple of oPhones to be launched will be limited to a selected community of coffee enthusiast. But the following launch of July 10 will introduce a more exclusive product. The very first olfactory social network.

A free application will also allow anyone to compose and send smell notes by either text or email, based on the selection of aroma and variations. The message can be also received by normal phones as a text. The sendee can then download the message from hotspots which will be first set up in the launch city of Boston.

A free app will allow anyone to compose and send a smell note by text or email, based on a set menu of aromas and variations. The message can be received by any normal phone as a text. The recipient can then download the composition from hotspots which will be set up in the launch city of Boston.

“We’re expecting an interest in self-expression and we’re ready to learn with the public”, says Edwards. “We would like to be reactive as new ideas for aromatic vocabularies arise, and to continue providing them for new interests.”


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