Organize Your News Wtih Social News App Nuzzel.


Organize Your News Wtih Social News App Nuzzel. 

Reading the new is quite easy to do, the real challenge comes from finding anything interesting to for the day more than anything. The creators behind Nuzzel, a news aggregation service that have recently launched, certainly understand.

By logging into the startup’s website using either a Facebook or Twitter account to see a overview oh what your friends and those you follow are currently sharing. along with news that interest the user even if no one is currently talking about it yet. It works by searching through the things people are sharing among the users social networks and presenting it in a way that is much more cleaner than scrambling through the Twitter or Facebook feeds.

Simple and Clean.

The idea behind this has already been made available by a bunch of other services, like the ever popular Flipboard application as an example, but no one has managed to grasp it well. Although it seems that Nuzzel may have managed to find the missing link by attempting to show people a collection of interesting daily news from the point of view of other people.

“I call what Nuzzel does a sort of two-factor relevance,” said Nuzzel (and Friendster) founder Jonathan Abrams in an interview with VentureBeat. He explained that most people have friends that know others acquaintance who share similar interests and thus care about the news they share. “But because your friends are talking about that news, it adds another layer of relevancy.” That social layer of relevance is what Nuzzel best at.

Nuzzel news feed can be set to private mode, but Abrams has commented that he does not expect that man people will do so, giving the fact that news is usually behavior people want to see from others. From there on out, Nuzzel will make recommendation for who might be interesting enough to follow.

Along with this recent announcement of this public launching, Nuzzel also announced that former Friendster exec Kent Lindstrom will be joining up with the startup as the Chief Operating Officer, which will bump up the numbers of total employees up to four.

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