Organize That Cluttered Up Inbox With The SquareOne.


Organize That Cluttered Up Inbox With The SquareOne.

Recently launched startup SquareOne is another up in coming mail application that has come to clear up all of those messy messages.This application is exclusively compatible with Gmail and will work by dividing all of your emails into various groups. The software helps the user start off with some suggestions, but the user themselves can rearrange and rename  in whatever way they wish to do so.

Organized Groups.

One example would be if you had a group named , Friends, Family, and Team, which are presented in a grid-like format. Now once an email is received the user can swipe it and add it to which ever of those groups and the email from that selected person will continue to be placed there automatically in the near future. It’s also possible to manage which push notification the user will receive from certain groups, which I have found it to be a very nice touch.

Everything else SquareOne accomplishes what pretty much standard for all mail applications, it’s something one can be sort proud of. This could work well for plenty of people and will ensure that they will be more productive if they can spend a small amount of time each day to take care of some of these certain email groups. Although one cinch in this clincher would be Gmail has recently managed to get it own organized Catergories functionality, SqaureOne  will need to step up its game and add something that could make it even more useful for those time save savant.

Tip Clip.

This Little video here has alot of amazing tips created by the crew behind this application. I personally found it very useful and suggest giving it a watch for those who have taken an interest in this app. Who know’s maybe it will convince you into downloading if for your phone.


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