Ouya Grand Plan To Integrate Its System In Other Devices.


Ouya Grand Plan To Integrate Its System In Other Devices. 

The startup company behind the android gaming console known as Ouya have recently announced it plans to expand beyond their current console. The CEO of Ouya, Julie Uhrman have teased something that’s been called the Everywhere initiative. The only current information that has been giving out is the name for this plan, Uhrman has of yet to fully disclose from what we could expect.

Uhrman Reveals.

More details appeared during a recent interview with slashdot with Uhrman commenting on how Ouya is “really a software company.” Continuing comments made from Uhrman showed on how it “started with a hardware product” and on how they have “always wanted to be an open platform”. Uhrman continued to mention on how the company believes the Ouya ecosystem can coexist with other devices.

The Next Step.

This information seems to reveal the Ouya team is looking to make deals and have created another hardware that may be  available for play and is looking for a way to be setup. The next possible move for company seems to be some sort of integrated setup that goes along with a television for example. This move of course doesn’t mean that they will be out of the hardware business permanently, controllers will still need to be used to play the games made available for example.

Uhrman has also managed to address the topic of the possibility of the next-generation Ouya console. She commented on how the next model would have a better performing chipset, and will improve upon the controller for a more superior handling.


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