OVIVO Moblie Shuts Down Due To “Reasons beyond our control”.


OVIVO Moblie Shuts Down Due To “Reasons beyond our control”. 

A mobile virtual network operator that didn’t charge calls, SMS, or data, that went under the name OVIVO, has announced its unfortunately shutting down.

All of the carriers sites have been pulled down, except for their home page filled with a statement saying “We are very sad to announce that for reasons beyond our control, OVIVO Mobile is closing down on the evening of Wednesday 19th March 2014.”


OVIVO offered its customers a “Freedom0″ plan that gave subscribers over 300 minutes of voice calls, 300 text messages and 500MB of data each month for no ongoing cost. Any new subscriber had to pay £20 to use the privliege, and £5 which when into administration fees. The rest is retained as credit incase the user had exceeded their monthly allowance.

This ambitious pricing was made possible with a advertise deal that would allow subscribers to “… occasionally be taken to OVIVO Now! – our portal with the latest information about your allowance and our service. You’ll also discover some adverts from our sponsors.” These interruptions were billed as “…. a bit like an advertisement break on the TV, or in a magazine.”

There has been no confirmation on what “reason beyond our control” lead towards OVIVO demise, only a few hints from due to the presence of social media sites following the swift closure.

Unreachable Goals.

A little is know about the company is that it used Vofafone UK’s network, but had access through Cognatel, and during the previous year gained over £440,000 from the crowdsourcing site Crowcube. The Crowcube page created by the company says it had planned to be acquired by 2015, most likely by “Larger Telecommunication Operators as it is easier to for them to acquire than to replicate.”

“It is therefore expected that likely acquirers will be either larger global operators or global M-Commerce brands who are keen to truly enter the mobile space, beyond simple applications on devices.”

With the service suddenly shutting down, this means the plan will not be coming about, Investors had dropped over a million pounds in the company since its founding in 2012. There currently no words of possible recovery.


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