Palo Alto Networks Purchases Cyvera For $200 Million.


Palo Alto Networks Purchases Cyvera For $200 Million.

With all the recent surge of rampant spying, viruses, and hacking going on out there, its can be quite difficult to feel secure on the cyber world. That has to be especially true for enterprise companies. which contain valuable secrets and financial dealing that are potentially vulnerable towards attacks and exploitation.

Palo Alto Networks, a software security company has manage to enter into an agreement to acquire Cyvera, a privately held cybersecurity company, this announcement was made on Monday.

Side by Side

The Tel-Aviv-based Cyvera will be working alongside Palo Alto Networks on increasing its offerings towards its enterprise clients, as the company continues to provide a service that protects companies from cyber threats by blocking any unknown threats, dubbed “zero-day” attacks on the endpoint.

A zero-day ceyber attack is one of the many ways hackers can exploit the weakness that a company or  organization may not even be aware of having. There can be over thousands of these weaknesses. Cyvera is there to help plug those holes in.

“With today’s announcement of our intent to acquire Cyvera, we are turning the page and looking to once again disrupt the security industry,” Palo Alto Networks wrote in a blog post. “Attackers are absolutely having their way with the endpoint. Traditional signature-only or detection-only defenses are simply ineffective at blocking advanced attacks. Together with Cyvera, we have something to say about that.”


There are threes stages on leading up to the cyber attack, the company says. Firstly, Identifying a new vulnerabilities, employing a technique that will exploit said vulnerability, and finally using said vulnerability to follow up with a malware launch and ultimately taking control of the endpoint.

There thousands of new vulnerabilities that reveal themselves every year, with millions of new attacks. For this reason, Palo Alto Networks, had said that a new way of approaching this situation was needed.

“Cyvera’s approach is simple: understand the techniques then employ a series of roadblocks and traps to prevent an attacker from successfully exploiting that vulnerability. Cyvera’s approach has been so powerful that they’ve successfully stopped every published zero-day attack since they first began deploying their product.”

The acquisition is said to be closed some time during the second half of this year.

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