Pangaea Services, to Disrupt with Everywhere Security and The Defender.


Pangaea Services, to Disrupt with Everywhere Security and The Defender.

Pangaea Services, inc has made it their main goal to disrupt the security and personal emergency response systems industry with The Defender.


The Defender is one of the first smart personal protection system and the only technology that offers Everywhere Security. The defender is a product made for those who are concerned over personal safety and peace of mind. The Defender integrates a variety of featured products and service found separately, nut never before combined into a compact and elegant key chain accessory.

The Defender utilizes the communication technology built into smartphones, combined with the highest concentration of pepper spray available to law enforcement, a digital camera to capture and forward an  assailants mugshot towards the nearest law enforcement, an oscillating flash light, and an audible alarm. The Defender has also come with a 24/7 alert response service for self-defense and medical situations. The Defender is fashioned for a simple setup. Switch On, pair Bluetooth, and The Defender prepares the user with any unexpected and urgent safety or medical situation, where they may currently be.

The Works.

When The Defender is set off, a picture of the suspected attacker will be taken, them immediately transferred towards the Android and iOS Application through Bluetooth. A built in and loud siren will set off to attract attention and the high-powered pepper spray to disrupt any attacker, leaving them immobilized. All of this happen during the same time as a message, including the attackers photo and GPS location, is sent directly to The Defender’s Everywhere Security monitoring agents.

Users will be able to control the information shared from within the application including a user profile and photo, medical conditions, and any relevant safety concerns that users will want to share with authorities. Furthermore, an robust array of self-defense features, The Defenders include a medical alert function. This service shall enable those with medical condition to summon help with their precise GPS location.

Ryan McManus, Pangaea Service’s Marketing Director stated, “Internet-connected devices are enhancing our lives in so many ways and from the beginning, we have been focused on security and self-defense. We have worked to design the simplest user experience that allows for protection, defense, and response with one push of a button.”

The Defender went through several rounds of design revisions to achieve a form that is small yet sturdy with compact electronics to control the camera and Bluetooth. The Defender is currently in it’s final stages of product development with beta testing and manufacturing to begin immediately following a 45-day crowdfunding campaign on IndieGogo. The campaign launch date will be announced in the coming weeks.

McManus also stated, “The Defender sets a new standard in self-defense and security. By involving the community of supporters on Indiegogo, we will be able to make an even better product that is influenced by the crowd.”

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