and Kiinzel Partnership to Help Improve Communities.

1 and Kiinzel Partnership to Help Improve Communities.

As of recently, two local Toronto startups partnered up to promote sharing under-used kids’ goods within neighborhoods. Neighborhood site is teaming up with the parent-to-parent marketplace Kiinzel to aggregate and allocate listings to the correct neighborhoods.

Kiinzel listings will be featured in the neighborhoods, from which they are being sold, helping parents buy and sell their children’s pre-loved items closer to home. This provides not only a sense of community, but makes it much easier and safer for moms and dads in Toronto.


Kiinzel operates in the Greater Toronto Area, where parents post kids’ items every day such as clothes, strollers, toys, furniture and sporting equipment. Parents will have the opportunity to search for items to buy, sell, or swap in each neighborhood in the GTA, meaning less travel time and less waste, while at the same time saving money and building a stronger community. Furthermore, the additional exposure for sellers can speed up the sales cycle.

“We’re thrilled to team up with Parkbench to promote reusing and sharing to parents across the GTA. This partnership can have a big collective and positive impact on the environment over time,” says Marlina Kinnersley, Founder of Kiinzel. Parkbench has one of the largest sources for local events and promotions in every neighborhood, so not only can they search for children’s items to buy and sell, but they can get information on everything they need in their neighborhood, giving parents even more value with each visit.


Kiinzel taps into the rapid growth of the collaborative economy. According to Deloitte, 40 percent of North American adults have used a collaborative commerce service in 2013. This growing movement reduces product consumption and diverts these re-useable items from our landfills. In a baby’s first year, parents will spend over $10,000, says BabyCenter.

Kiinzel objective is to make buying and selling between parents simple and fun while reducing the number of new kid items parents purchase. As consumers are becoming more mindful about what ends up in our landfills and with the high costs of raising children, more and more families are going for pre-owned goods, sharing or searching for local deals.

Parkbench offers families a daily dish on their neighborhood, and now that will extend to parents looking to buy and sell excess kids stuff thanks to Kiinzel.

“We all want to be in the know. No one likes to miss out on sweet deals, hot debates, or fun events especially if they are happening in your neighborhood. Our mission at Parkbench is to make life in your neighborhood better by empowering people with all the information they need in one easy place,” says Amanda Newman, Chief Product Officer and Co-founder. “Working with Kiinzel just makes sense. It is more neighborhood-centric information that we can put on our site that further brings neighbours closer together.”

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